Do You Have Bedbugs?

Do You Have Bedbugs?

Reach out to an exterminator in Duncan, OK and the greater Oklahoma City area as soon as possible

If you have a bedbug problem, you need to act fast. Bedbugs reproduce rapidly, which can become a major disruption in your home. Get in touch with Beetle Juice Pest Control, LLC to kill bedbugs and eliminate their eggs. We use two treatments to kill the bugs and make sure they won’t invade your spaces again.

The first treatment takes four or five hours, depending on the size of the impacted area. We’ll come out to your property a week after your initial appointment to provide another treatment. This second treatment will break the egg cycle and ensure the bugs are dead and gone.

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3 signs you need bedbug treatment

Beetle Juice Pest Control, LLC offers fast and effective bedbug removal.

You may need a bedbug treatment if:

  1. You find evidence of bedbug skin or droppings on your sheets.
  2. You wake up with bites or red marks on your body.
  3. You find what appears to be a bedbug on your mattress.

Bedbugs can lurk in more than just bed sheets and mattresses. Check your baseboards, curtains, carpeting and light switches for signs of bedbugs.

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